Simpsiö Ski Center, located in the middle of the scenic Ostrobothnian plain, offers many opportunities to enjoy the winter.

At an elevation of 90 meters Simpsiö is the biggest ski resort of western Finland. The six ski-slopes vary in difficulty from easy to intermediate. For the family and the children there are easy slopes with rope lifts and for the accomplished skiers there is more challenging skiing, with rails and boxes for diversity. The longest slope measures 600 meters. There is also a class K-55 ski jump.

Apart from downhill skiing there is also ample opportunity for more traditional cross-country skiing. Well-lit tracks run through diverse landscape. Hills for sledding and slanted slopes, where small children can learn the basics of downhill skiing, makes Simpsiö an ideal place for families with children.

We pay particular attention to the safety of our clients. Our rental equipment is always of the latest make and model to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety.

The Taivaanpankko restaurant is beautifully situated by the Simpsiö hill. The menu includes a variety of delicacies, as well as a good measure of smaller dishes. Nearby Cafe’ Hornantuutti and three sheltered huts for cooking over open fire, are also at the disposal of our clients.

During the summer-season there are, in addition to an abundance of wild berries and mushrooms, excellent conditions for a lot of sports-activities and different forms of exercise. Well marked hiking-paths and good runs for terrain cycling as well as fixed control posts for orienteering. A novelty is an 18-hole course for Frisbee-golf, running along beautiful paths through the woods.

There is also a tower with a view from where to enjoy the space and light of the vast plains.

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